Do you love Photography?

It's one of my passions, which is continually rewarding on many levels. Imagine doing what you love everyday and being rewarded for it? In this light, work becomes play, which certainly makes the days more enjoyable and fun! For more than 6 years I've been sharing my passion for photography with enthusiasts, amateur photographers and professionals via In the last 3 years I have been helping people quit their boring day job and begin photography full time.

Camera Club welcomes you, especially if you're a beginners or experienced hobby photographer. Join us for a wide range of photography courses, workshops and model events to develop your photography skills and portfolio, socialise, network and have fun!

Photo Success is dedicated to helping passionate photographers break free from the rat race and live their passion for photography everyday. Run once a year, Photo Success infuses advanced photographic techniques with the business side of photography, focusing on Marketing, Sales, and Sucess Strategies.